Prequalification form

  • We keep it simple for Drivers looking to be part of North American Transport Services. We guarantee a personal commitment to expedite your application process and you can become the principal element of our team. We promise bigger paychecks, unlimited miles, and the best over-the-road experience backed by our expertise in the trucking industry. Simply fill out our pre-job qualification form and a Driver Recruiting professional will contact you shortly. All fields are required. If you want to qualify over the phone, just call us at 877-270-9494.

    • All applicants must be at least 23 years old of age.

  • How many years of Over_Road_Expirience:

    Total Accidents last 3 years:

    Total moving violations last 5 years:

  • I certified that I personally completed this form and authorize North American Transport Services to obtain one or more reports regarding our driving, and safety inspection history in accordance with state and federal law. I authorize my previous employer to release any information requested by North American Transport Services and hold them harmless of all liability from release of said information. Also, in accordance with the provisions of 49 CFR Part 382.405 and 382.413, I hereby authorize and require my previous and/or current employers specifically listed by me on this pre-qualify form to release the results (including any refusal to test) of all drug and alcohol tests taken by me pursuant to the provisions of 49 CFR while in their employment to North American Transport Services by whatever means is most expedient..

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